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A Custom Bra?
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Yes, that’s what we want to do! Tell us how you feel about your current bras and help us co-create the bra that ticks all your boxes.

Every other woman.

This is how many of us have cursed our bra at least once this week. At Nana, our aim is to make a true difference for you and for the planet. We are working tirelessly to evolve the root causes for bad fit, poor quality and excessive waste. To achieve this we leverage more refined measuring charts, better sizing advice and finally agile and responsible manufacturing. So that you can feel lifted – in good conscience.

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The Nana Bra

With durability and better support on top of our minds, we develop specific material strengths for each size’s needs, zone by zone. This means that we map areas of higher elasticity, resistance or breathability to adapt to your size’s requirements during our knitting process.

Your comfort and health are what motivates us. This is why making a bra without metal underwires is so important to us. Instead, we rely on polycarbonate support structures which are incorporated inbetween the layers of your cups. Lifting the breasts from the bottom and from the sides in a boosting, yet gentle manner.

In our effort to create a new brand without burdening the environment further, we pledge that from the onset we produce only what you buy, avoiding unnecessary inventory pile-up and waste. For this, we rely on knitting techniques which allow to minimize waste creation during production.



Sustainability is at the heart of our operations: from material choices through to the development process and manufacturing technologies. ​


We combine enabling technologies such as body scanning, 3D design, digital sampling and made-on-demand manufacturing with fully-fashioned 3D knit technologies.​


Nana offers an inclusive size range, putting our initial focus on more comfortable bras. We put our customer at the core of product development: fitting all sizes individually instead of grading them based on a single sample size.

Our Awards

Winner of the German Sustain Concept Competition and Winner of the #DFFR Competition (Digital Fashion Future Readiness), October 2020

Selected for the first batch of the Reaktor.Berlin Acceleration Programme, November 2020

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